Lilly Fellows Program Summer Seminar

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On Sunday, the Studio launched the three-week Lilly Fellows Program Summer Seminar for College Teachers with a splendid supper buffet in the Studio's new headquarters in Palazzo Simoncelli, the capstone to their initial stroll through the town of Orvieto with Studio director, Dr. John Skillen. 

Twelve faculty members from the art, art history, theology, biblical studies, Christian ministries departments from both Catholic and Protestant liberal arts colleges will explore how to overcome the divides that often keep these two areas of the undergraduate curriculum in separate compartments. The close involvement of the Church in the arts during premodern Italian culture provides a backdrop. Our chef Maria was the star of the evening.


Towards the end of dinner, Lilly Seminar participant Brian Johnson shared a poem by Adam Zagajewski titled "I Walked through the Medieval Town"...

I walked through the medieval town
in the evening or at dawn,
I was very young or rather old.
I didn't have a watch
or a calendar, only my stubborn blood
measured the endless expanse.
I could begin life, mine
or not mine, over,
everything seemed easy,
apartment windows were partway open,
other fates ajar.
It was spring or early summer,
warm walls,
air soft as an orange rind;
I was very young or rather old,
I could choose, I could live.