The studio for art, faith & history hosts seminars and study tours, exhibitions and performances, and supports new work in the visual and performing arts.

This website gathers essays by the artists and writers and scholars who have participated in the programs of Gordon College in Orvieto, and which reflect the themes of the Studio for Art, Faith & History.

Banner images:

  • Creation and Fall on the steps of the Duomo, from Strangers & Other Angels, June 2006, directed by Karin Coonrod (Photo credit to Massimo Achilli).

  • Cristina Spina in the title role of András Visky’s Juliet, performed in the courtyard of Palazzo Simoncelli, June 2012, (Photo credit to John Skillen)

  • Reading Pope Gregory’s Life of St. Benedict, Subiaco, July 2015, (Photo credit to Gianna Scavo)

  • Stephen Salters singing the title role of Claudio Monteverdi’s Orfeo, directed by Karin Coonrod and Gina Leishman, performed in the courtyard of Palazzo Simoncelli, June 2014, (Photo credit to Andrea Messana).

  • Society for Classical Learning seminar for high school students, deciphering the Latin on tomb inscriptions in the catacombs of Santa Cristina, Bolsena, 2015, (Photo credit to Gianna Scavo).